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Soileos Corn

Lucent Bio’s Signature blend, Soileos Corn, is designed with corn growers in mind. It utilizes advanced technology to enhance soil health, nutrient availability, and microbial activity, fostering increased corn yields, improved crop quality, and a commitment to sustainable farming practices. When you choose Soileos Corn, you’re selecting a solution that adds value to your farm.

Why Choose Soileos Corn Fertilizer?

Soileos Corn is the tailored choice for corn growers, addressing specific crop needs with advanced biotechnology. This results in healthier corn crops and fields. Supported by field trial success, Soileos Corn is the tried, tested and true choice for reliable, quality Corn yields.

Healthy Soil2
Soileos Highers Yield

Early Emergence

Uniform Growth

Crop Health Promotion

Stress Mitigation

Proven Agronomic Performance

Soileos boasts a remarkable win rate of over 70% in in-field trials, making it an exceptional choice for corn growers. Dig deeper into Soileos Corn’s performance with detailed trial data, and calculate your potential ROI as you explore the outcomes below.

Corn Yield Improvement
Tractor In Field

How Does Soileos Corn Improve Soil Health?

Soileos Corn helps make your soil healthier by capitalizing on the symbiotic relationship between crops and soil microbes. Studies have shown that Soileos significantly enriches soil health by increasing microbial biomass (Read our whitepaper). The carbon-rich cellulose in Soileos Corn provides essential energy for the soil microbiome. As microbes break down the cellulose, they efficiently release and absorb vital nutrients, contributing to more fertile and healthier soil. This approach fosters thriving crops and nurtures a sustainable and robust soil ecosystem, aligning your agricultural practices with eco-conscious choices. Discover the benefits of Soileos Corn on your soil health today.

Easy To Use

Field Application and Timing

Soileos is a durable pellet which blends wells with other dry fertilizers and can be seed placed or broadcast at rates of 5-15lbs per acre.

Size Guide Number (SGN): 300

Bulk Density: 42lbs/ft3

Packaging size: Bulk fertilizer or 2000 lbs. Totes

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