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Soileos Products

Backed by years of research and development, Lucent Bio is proud to provide industry-leading solutions for climate-smart agriculture.

Get Bigger, Better Crops with Crop Nutrition Products

Soileos is a soil-applied crop nutrition product that delivers nutrients when your crop needs them. On-demand nutrient release prevents tie-up in the soil or leaching, making Soileos the best choice for meeting your crop’s nutritional needs. Soileos is climate positive and increases crop yields (Check out our ROI Calculator). Its low salt index means it can be seed-placed or seed-bulked. Soileos enables farmers to grow better crops while improving soil health and sequestering carbon. 

Soileos has repurposed cellulose derived from agricultural residues such as pea hulls and lentil husks. This natural fibre promotes nutrient cycling in the soil. It is the microbial decomposition of Soileos that releases nutrients for crop use. This natural nutrient delivery mechanism results in healthy agricultural systems. 

Soileos works with conventional farming equipment, and its benefits begin with the first application.

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