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Soileos Iron

Soileos Iron is a soil-applied micronutrient that enhances yields, increases crop quality, improves iron availability, resists tie-up and leaching, and increases microbial biomass.

Why Choose Soileos Iron for Crop Nutrition?

Soileos Iron is the best choice for meeting your crop’s nutritional needs because it increases crop yields and is climate positive. Soileos empowers farmers to grow better crops while improving soil health and sequestering carbon. 

Iron deficiency in crops causes a decrease in growth and substantial yield and quality losses. Iron bioavailability may be limited due to soil conditions such as the presence of bicarbonates and high pH (crops can only take up Fe2+ or Fe3+).

Our research has shown that Soileos Iron solves this problem.

Iron plays an essential role in:
  • The formation of chlorophyll
  • Enzyme and metabolic functions, including microbe fixation of nitrogen

How to Use

Young Soybean Plants Growing In Cultivated Field

How Does Soileos Iron Improve Soil Health?

Nutrients delivered from Soileos to the crop lean on the symbiotic relationship of microbes in the soil. Studies with Soileos show that it improves soil health by increasing the microbial biomass in the soil by over 20%. The carbon in Soileos is fuel for your soil microbiome. As the cellulose is broken down, microbes release or ingest nutrients. Crops can access Soileos Iron throughout the growing season resulting in increased nutrient uptake and yield response.

Soileos Iron Agperformance

Proven Agronomic Performance

Soileos Iron can be used on many different crops. Trials have shown a great response with broad acre crops such as soybean, pulses and canola. Ask our team for detailed trial results for your crops and region.

Soileos Iron Howtouse

How to Use Soileos Iron

Ease of Use

The Soileos pellet is durable and easy to handle. The material does not break down with shipping or blending with other dry fertilizers, so there is very little dust when the material is moved from bin to bin.

Packaging Size

2,000 lbs. totes or bulk delivery.

Field Application

Soileos Iron is designed to blend well with other dry fertilizers and can be applied using existing field equipment such as air-seeders and strip-till rigs. Due to the low salt index, Soileos can be placed directly in the seed row.


When handled, the product has low dust and the proper density and durability to blend with standard dry fertilizer products without separation, settling, or breaking down.

Application Timing

Apply at or pre-plant with other dry fertilizers.

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