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Why is Healthy Soil Important in Farming?

Lucent Bio is committed to enhancing soil health so that you can transform everything while giving away nothing.

Why is Healthy Soil Important in Farming?

Soil degradation exists in every inhabited region of the world. As soils lose their nutrients, the soil biota dies, and these ecosystems become less productive. Because of this, many crops do not reach their yield potential or contain the nutrient densities they once did. From humans to microbes, nutrients are essential for the proper function of all living things.

Soil health functions include cycling nutrients, water, and carbon, and they can improve farmer livelihood, increase on-farm productivity, and build climate resilience. Adopting management practices that increase soil biodiversity is essential for soil health and crop health, and is vital to restoring and maintaining agricultural ecosystems as rich and fertile farmland.

Taming Carbon is Essential for Soil Health

Soil organic carbon is fundamental to increasing biodiversity below ground, and soil management strategies determine if carbon remains in the soil (is sequestered) or is released into the atmosphere. Increased sequestered carbon creates rich soil that helps improve crop yields. Organic carbon is an essential source of energy for microbial activity, which, in turn, makes fertile soil. Are you interested in learning more about Soileos’ environmental footprint? Download the whitepaper now.

Soileos Improves How We Grow Crops

Soileos uses cellulose as a natural carbon-rich substrate to deliver essential crop nutrients and reboot your soil. The micronutrients from Soileos are not released from the cellulose until conditions are warm and moist, promoting microbial activity. These conditions allow Soileos micronutrients to become available for plant uptake when the plants need them throughout the growing season. Learn more about how Soileos works in our Mode of Action Whitepaper.

The Proof is in the Data

Researchers have found that soil microbes are responsible for 82% of the variation in soil carbon cycling. Carbon cycling is just one ecosystem service microbes provide in natural and cultivated environments.

Lucent Bio, in collaboration with Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, has found that due to the biologically available carbon source in Soileos, its use improves soil health by increasing the microbial biomass in the soil by 20% or more!

Soileos = Higher yields today and better soil health tomorrow.

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