What is Soileos

Soileos is a cellulose-based smart micronutrient fertilizer available as a granule, seed coating, soil amendment or NPK granule coating. As an alternative to synthetic EDTA fertilizers, oxides and oxysulfates, Soileos makes the land more productive, and its residue is organic carbon which remains in the soil fortifying it for future harvests. Because it’s plant-based and not water soluble, Soileos isn’t washed away into groundwater where it can pollute groundwater, surface water and even drinking water. Instead it stays in the soil, saving farmers the time and expense of reapplication throughout the growing season. Soileos performs well in alkaline soil where conventional micronutrient fertilizers are ineffective.

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Proven by Science

Current micronutrient fertilizers like chelates, oxides and oxy-sulphates are ineffective in high alkaline soil, expensive, hard to use, and pollute soil and groundwater. Soileos is different. Through a patented micronutrient delivery technology developed by Lucent Biosciences, Soileos binds micronutrients to cellulose fibers, yielding a new class of smart micronutrient fertilizers that does not leach and increases the yield of more nutritious and higher quality crops.

Soileos has been extensively tested in field and greenhouse trials in collaboration with AgQuest, Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Agriculture & Agrifood Canada in peas, barley, cabbage, canola, wheat and turf grass. Additional crops and soil types will be tested in 2020. The current trials show consistent advantages between Soileos and EDTA based micronutrient fertilizers:

  • Soileos has shown improved growth and yield between 4% to 20% as compared to standard micronutrient fertilizer products;
  • Soileos has minimal leaching and is long lasting in soils, allowing for multiple crop rotations to benefit;
  • Soileos has displayed significant increases in micronutrient uptake by plants in plant tissue, seeds and sprouts, ranging for 20-50% depending on crop and soil type, resulting in healthier plants and better flavour;
  • Soileos is non-toxic – even at high dosages – which allows for easy dosing and application
  • Soileos adds carbon to the soil and has a net carbon benefit.
  • Soileos performs well and over a prolonged period of time in all soils, including high-alkaline soils, providing micronutrients in their bioavailable form to crops.