Lucent Biosciences, Inc. based in Vancouver, Canada, is on a mission to address climate impact on global food security and nutrition by developing solutions that regenerate the land and the oceans while capturing carbon to reverse climate change. Soileos, their first sustainable smart fertilizer for agriculture was developed as a response to the global environmental crisis of soil degradation. Lucent also has a revolutionary sustainable livestock food supplement in the development pipeline, as well as Oceaneos, a patent-pending approach to regenerating marine ecosystems to capture carbon and make global fisheries more productive and sustainable

Michael Riedijk

President & CEO

Accomplished technology entrepreneur with 20 years of exec experience M.Sc. Industrial Design engineering

Peter Gross


Engineer with 20+ years of R&D, 10+ years of intellectual property management experience, M.Sc. Physics

Farah Nour

Director, Research

15 years of material research experience. Associate Professor & PhD in Organic Chemistry

Caroline Hui, CPA CGA

Director of Finance

20+ years’ experience in financial and operational management

Jason McNamee

Director of Special Projects, Sr. Biogeoscientist

Biogeography and ecology expert with 20 years of experience in biotech research & development

Jose Toku

Vice-President and Co-Founder

Business consultant and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in business development & management