Creating a new, sustainable future for agriculture

Soileos is a new, organic “smart” fertilizer that will help agricultural systems around the world increase yields to meet the challenge of feeding 10 billion people by 2050 while regenerating the soil, ending environmental impacts of fertilizer runoff, and helping to reverse climate change.

Unlike synthetic fertilizers, Soileos is a highly effective plant-based fertilizer made by upcycling crop residues. Because it’s made from organic material, it’s not water soluble like synthetic fertilizer. As a result, Soileos stays in the soil to fortify it, rather than leaching and impacting the groundwater. And, through a new patented delivery system, Soileos makes micronutrients available to crops throughout their growth cycle, producing higher yields of crops with increased nutrient densities as opposed to those grown with synthetic fertilizer.


Current agricultural practices deplete soils of nutrients resulting in decreased yields and less nutrient dense crops. These unsustainable practices cannot meet the challenges a growing world population and climate change.


As an organic, plant-based fertilizer that delivers higher yields and more nutritious crops while saving the environment from harmful runoff and helping to mitigate the climate crisis, Soileos is a leader in the sustainable agriculture revolution.

Farmers around the world need a revolutionary micronutrient fertilizer to maximize crop yield and quality

Conventional micronutrient fertilizers are generally ineffective, and can impact the soil and groundwater. In many regions of the world, particularly with high alkaline soil, synthetic fertilizer is even less effective. With plant-based Soileos, farmers can enjoy higher yields and lower costs with a single application, and eliminate the risk of runoff forever while producing more nutrient dense crops, regenerating their soil and helping to mitigate climate change.
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